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The Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP) provides training in Military Advocacy, for members of Ex-Service Organisations (ESO) which offer advocacy services to serving and ex-serving members of the armed forces and their dependants. The program is funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

The 10620NAT Course in Military Advocacy is a nationally accredited, Competency Based Training (CBT) program and places a heavy reliance on experiences gained in a working environment. ATDP offers this course as a single course in Military Advocacy.

The course contains six elective Units of Competency; some units have pre-requisite Units of Competency. Completing one or more Units of Competency leads to a Statement of Attainment issued by our partnering Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Major Training Services Pty Ltd (RTO Code 90748).

Trainees are to be selected by their ESO using the Guidelines for the Selection of Advocacy Trainees. Ideally new entrants would have been exposed to the role in the workplace prior to enrolment to ensure their ability and willingness to carry out the role. The ESO must then nominate the person using the online nomination form. Once that has been done, the nominee must then complete an online application form to finalise the enrolment.

Preference in allocation of training places is based on the best possible return to the ex-service community, so workload of an ESO, Veteran Centre or Community of Practice is taken into account.

Training is conducted primarily in the workplace and guided by a mentor appointed by the ESO. The workplace experiences are supplemented by formal training which included online study units and face-to-face consolidation training.

Pension and Wellbeing officers trained under the Training and Information Program (TIP) system will be able to undertake a process of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in order to transition to an ATDP qualification. This process initially takes former TIP practitioners to Level 2 in their chosen stream. Level 3 and 4 compensation advocates must gain a Level 2 qualification first, as this is a pre-requisite for 3. Level 3 is also a pre-requisite for Level 4.

Continuing Professional Development

17 th Annual Combined Pension and Welfare Officers’


Units of Competency awarded 944
ATDP Qualified Advocates 714
CPD Obligation 498
CPD Active 358

ATDP attendance programs by invitation

Melbourne : 22-Oct-2019

RPL Comp & Welf Ls 1 - 4 Closed

Melbourne : 23-Oct-2019

RPL Comp & Welf Ls 1 - 4 Closed

Melbourne : 30-Oct-2019

Level 1 Compensation C&A Closed

Adelaide - PILOT : 5-Nov-2019

Level 3 Compensation C&A Closed

Perth : 7-Nov-2019

RPL Comp & Welf Ls 1 - 4 Closed

Adelaide : 18-Nov-2019

Level 2 Welfare C&A Open

Adelaide : 20-Nov-2019

Level 1 Compensation C&A Open

Brisbane : 25-Nov-2019

Level 2 Compensation C&A Open

Melbourne : 26-Nov-2019

Level 1 Welfare C&A Open

Brisbane : 10-Dec-2019

RPL Comp & Welf Ls 1 - 4 Closed

Brisbane : 17-Dec-2019

Level 1 Compensation C&A Closed

Brisbane : 21-Jan-2020

RPL Comp & Welf Ls 1 - 4 Open

Brisbane : 31-Jan-2020

Level 1 Welfare C&A Open

Gympie : 5-May-2020

RPL Comp & Welf Ls 1 - 4 Open

Sunshine Coast : 2-Jun-2020

RPL Comp & Welf Ls 1 - 4 Open

Mental Health First Aid - 10/11 October 2019 – Redcliffe RSL


Mental Health First Aid – Open Arms – Redcliffe RSL.
Timings approx. 0900 – 1600 hr 
Lunch at the expense of the student.
3 CPD points awarded. 
The cut-off date for registrations is Thursday 3 October 2019.
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Nominating a person for training and/or assessment


There are two pathways towards an ATDP qualification; Training or Recogntion of Prior Learning (RPL).

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    Mid North Coast Veterans' Advocates' Community of Practice Network Meeting

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