Continuing Professional Development

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Introducing CPD

ATDP has a responsibility to provide its graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide high quality advocacy services to serving and former members of the ADF and their dependents.

Advocates work in a complex and ever changing social, government, statutory and policy environment.  Consequently, what they learn as they journey through any Course in Military Advocacy can quickly become out-of-date.  If this happens, they can’t give those who seek help the assistance they deserve or ATDP’s stakeholders expect. 

The CPD program is designed to achieve a number of outcomes:

  • To help reinforce the knowledge gained during normal training;
  • To help keep abreast of changes in the working environment;
  • To help Advocates grow their professional knowledge;
  • To be flexible in meeting the needs of advocates;
  • To help ensure that Advocates are covered for professional indemnity insurance under VITA; and
  • To be an important part of ATDP’s quality assurance and quality control programs.

Another very important part of the CPD program is called Self-directed Learning or SDL.  This is what an Advocate does every time they read a Factsheet, check the latest version of the Act, look for something on the internet or ask a colleague for help.  Its something every competent Advocate does all the time – on every case.

CPD and SDL work together to make better advocates – better able to help those who rely on Advocates.

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