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This form is to be used by the event convenor to apply for ATDP recognition of a CPD event.

(please set out here what the proposed event is designed to do and how the desired outcomes will be achieved. Include knowledge and skill development and/or learning outcomes, delivery modes & assessment methods)

(please list here the people who will be presenting material at the event. Include qualifications, profession, specialisation, experience and other relevant information which are relevant to the event outcomes. Please include ATDP facilitators, assessors and other personnel):

This event complies with ATDP’s standards for CPD event recognition:

  • As an External Event Coordinator you will have access to the Name and Email of the people who Register. Please do not use this information for any other purposes other than contacting the advocate to discuss any changes to the specific CPD External Event.

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ESOs, VSCs, CoPs and other regional and national groups and organisations can make a valuable contribution to the continuing professional development of military advocates by arranging and conducting events designed to reinforce and extend advocates’ knowledge and skills sets.

ATDP accredited advocates can have their attendance at such events count towards their ATP CPD obligation. 

To be endorsed by ATDP for CPD purposes, an event must comply with relevant ATDP standards which have been developed as part of the ATDP QA framework.

Here’s how it works:

  • The event’s convenor must apply on-line to the National Training Manager (NTM) to have the event approved for CPD purposes.  Applicants should ensure that:
  1. ALL the information sought in the application form is provided to avoid unnecessary delays; and
  2. Applications are lodged in a timely manner to allow for the approval process to be followed.
  • As part of the approval process, the CPD Team will determine how many CPD points those attending the event will earn.
  • Once approved, the event will be listed on the CPD website and advocates planning to attend the event register with the event convenor.
  • The convenor must complete and submit an attendance register listing each ATDP accredited advocate attending the event.
  • Advocates will not be allocated CPD points UNLESS their name appears on the attendance register.  It is an advocate’s responsibility to ensure that their name appears on the attendance register. 
  • Advocates whose names appear on the attendance register will be required to complete an on-line survey BEFORE any points are added to their account.
  • Approval will not be provided retrospectively other than in the most exceptional circumstances.
  • NB:  Applications MUST be lodged at least 2 WEEKS prior to the event date to allow processing.

To be eligible for recognition by ATDP as a continuing professional development program, an event must:

  • Have one or more defined learning outcomes which support:
  • The ability of advocates to provide high quality services to serving and former members of the ADF and their dependents;
  • The vocational outcomes of the 10620NAT Course in Military Advocacy;
  • The Advocacy Code of Ethics
  • Have a content which is designed to reinforce and/or enhance attendees’ current knowledge and skills base;
  • Have a structured assessment process capable of measuring the extent to which the event’s desired outcomes are achieved;
  • Utilise speakers, facilitators and presenters who are qualified to present the event’s learning information;
  • Be conducted in premises which comply with relevant safety codes
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