Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP)

Course in Military Advocacy

The Course in Military Advocacy is for members of Ex-Service Organisations (ESO) which offer advocacy services to serving and ex-serving members of the armed forces and their dependants. The program is funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

The Course in Military Advocacy is available through the Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP).


VITA Transition Cover deadline of 31 December 2021: TIP Level Three and Four Advocates

Advocacy Capacity Research Project report

The Baseline Study of Current and Future Availability of Ex-Service Organisation Advocacy Services Research Project was commissioned by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) to collect data on the capacity of the advocacy workforce.

The study was completed by the University of NSW in May 2021 and released on 22 October 2021. Nearly 600 advocates and nearly 60 ESOs responded to the voluntary survey to provide data for the researchers. Respondents were from across the advocacy community.

The information presented in the independent research report is available to ESOs, DVA, and others for planning evaluation purposes for advocacy services and advocates.

Some more information and a link to the copy of the research report is at

Management of the ATDP – Message from the Secretary of DVA


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Management of the ATDP – Message from DVA


DVA recently announced that the ATDP’s Strategic Governance Board and Capability Framework Management Group will discontinue and be replaced by a new approach. What does this mean for the delivery of training under the ATDP?

The changes to the management of the ATDP do not include any changes to the current ESO model of managing and delivering their volunteer and paid advocacy services.

There is still some planning to do but it is expected that the changes will have very little impact on the delivery of training in the short term. The ATDP will still rely on hardworking volunteers to deliver the training and assessment programs, which will continue to run as scheduled. In the longer term, the RTO will take on more of the training management, including assessment, but this is also not expected to significantly impact on the way advocates are trained under the ATDP. The new arrangements are part of the evolution of the ATDP, and set it up to continue delivering high quality accredited training for new and ongoing advocates for the foreseeable future.

Further information will be provided via the ATDP website ( as these changes are implemented.

Changes coming to DVA online services


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Updated VITA Constitution

The Veterans’ Indemnity and Training Association (VITA) have updated their Constitution and appendices. Please see below and under VITA for full details.

Saying goodbye to MyAccount


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COVID-19 restrictions by State


For further information please click and download the COVID-19 restrictions by State links for current updates.

Veterans can access Personal Monitoring Technology through DVA

DVA has a range of personal monitoring technologies available to eligible veterans and widow/ers. 

Accessing and installing a personal monitoring system may be suitable for older veterans and widow/ers if they are self-isolating to protect themselves from exposure to COVID-19.

DVA veterans and widow/ers can access fully-monitored 24-hours a day, seven days a week personal response systems in their home or as mobile pendant personal response devices that are designed to keep them safe at home and when out and about. The initial and ongoing costs are covered by DVA if these devices are arranged through DVA. 

Personal response devices can be tailored to an individual’s needs, giving the person being monitored the comfort that assistance is never far away and reassuring family and friends that their loved one is able to access help easily, if it is needed.

DVA Factsheets

Since launching the new DVA website in March 2020, DVA has received feedback from advocates and other experienced users about the lack of ‘factsheets’. The factsheet system was intentionally removed from the website. On the new website DVA has turned the old factsheets into webpage information which is designed to be more accessible and easier to keep updated.

Help us support the veteran community by volunteering as an advocate or advocate support officer.

This Information Pack outlines broadly what our volunteer advocates and advocate support officers do to assist our members and clients. (TEXT)

You will find out about:

  • The benefits of volunteering as an advocate or advocate support officer,
  • More about our advocates and advocate support officers’ roles,
  • What commitments our volunteers are making,
  • The training and support we and the Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP) provide, and
  •  What insurance cover is provided to advocates by the Veterans’ Indemnity and Training Association (VITA)

The Information Pack can be downloaded as a Word Template and you can customize it for your ex-service organisation or Veterans Support Centre and distribute it electronically - or print out hard copies for your members.

Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant / Veteran Recognition


The Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant encourages Australians to recognise and acknowledge the unique nature of military service and to support veterans and their families. The Oath, Veteran Card and Lapel Pin underpin the Covenant and provide further recognition and easier identification of veterans.

Read it here
708 advocates with qualifications through ATDP
This is the number of individuals currently authorised by ESOs in the Advocacy Register as available for their advocacy services. These individuals may work for more than one ESO and may be available for more than one type of advocacy.
View a video on ATDP RPL process
CPD Upcoming Events
  • 27-May-2022

    safeTALK workshop

    RSL Vic

  • 31-May-2022

    Veteran & Family Advocates Seminar

    Central Coast COP

  • 8-Jun-2022

    Compensation Advocate- Case Conference- June 2022

    RSL Vic- Veteran Services

  • 8-Jun-2022

    Communication Skills Workshop

    RSL Vic

  • 10-Jun-2022

    Central Coast/Hunter/Newcastle Community of Practice

    Central Coast COP

  • 16-Jun-2022

    ASIST workshop

    RSL Vic

  • 23-Jun-2022

    Interviewing techniques workshop

    RSL Vic

  • 13-Jul-2022

    Compensation Advocates- Case Conference- July 2022

    RSL Vic

  • 28-Jul-2022

    Mental Health First Aid workshop

    RSL Vic

ATDP attendance programs by invitation

Due to the ongoing COVID restrictions, we have decided to cancel some of the upcoming programs. We are committed to keeping our volunteers and advocates safe during this time and defer to the COVID restrictions by state to determine whether a face to face program will go ahead. Please be patient as we re-schedule some of these programs to a later date.

Online (PB) : 1-Jun-2022

RPL Comp and Welf Ls 1 - 4 DP Open

Online (PB) : 1-Jun-2022

RPL Wellbeing Level 2 Open

Online (PB) : 7-Jun-2022

PSPGEN035 Provide workplace mentoring Open

Online (AW) : 14-Jun-2022

Compensation Level 3 C&A Open

Online (PB) : 12-Jul-2022

Compensation L1 Consolidation Open

Online (SM) : 19-Jul-2022

Basics in Mentoring Workshop Open

Online (PB) : 26-Jul-2022

Compensation L1 Consolidation Open

Online (PB) : 2-Aug-2022

Wellbeing L1 Consolidation Open

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