Regional Support Groups

The Advocacy Training and Development Program Regional Management Structure

The ATDP program regional management structure consists of 3 Regional Support Groups (RSGs). The RSGs are led by Regional Managers and facilitate communication between the volunteer advocate community and DVA.

Further information is available at Regional Support Groups | Department of Veterans' Affairs (


  1. Queensland and the Northern Territory
  2. New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia
  3. Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia

The ATDP Regional Managers and Program Support Officers (PSOs) are contactable during business hours 08:30 – 16:30 Monday – Friday:

The ATDP Regional Managers and Program Support Officers (PSOs) are:
Region Manager Program Support Officer (PSO)
1 Bob Grandin
Email: ,0409 615 948
William Pham-Huynh ,0472 704 592
2 Geoff Harrison
Email: ,0499 799 351
Samone Mason ,0472 674 665
3 Roger W Greene
Philip Boys ,0472 704 948

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