DVA Factsheets

DVA Factsheets
Since launching the new DVA website in March 2020, DVA has received feedback from advocates and other experienced users about the lack of ‘factsheets’. The factsheet system was intentionally removed from the website. On the new website DVA has turned the old factsheets into webpage information which is designed to be more accessible and easier to keep updated.
Based on feedback from veterans and advocates, DVA have added a temporary page to help people get used to the new site structure - https://www.dva.gov.au/what-happened-factsheets. These are interim measures designed to support Advocates to navigate the new website and over time reduce reliance on previous ways of accessing DVA information.
This page gives you a way to search the website by the old factsheet IDs and keywords. You will see the new page name, and a link that will take you to the new webpage.  There are two ways to get to this page from the DVA home page:
  • By selecting ‘About us’ 
  • By using the ‘Quick Links’ at the bottom of the page
DVA won’t be moving back to having factsheets but acknowledge change can take time and have made this page available to the end of 2021. 
If you have any feedback regarding DVA factsheets please contact – ATDP.Communications@dva.gov.au and we will forward the query to the DVA communications team for a response.

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